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Freedom of Information FOR ALL

Freedom of Information FOR ALL

Wikileaks has been threatening a leak exponentially larger than the one it unveiled several months ago, and today that leak finally happened. Millions of documents have been leaked to various news outlets throughout the world today, leaving the political world in disarray.

Over a quarter-million confidential documents were released today, giving the entire world a deep look into the inner workings of America’s diplomatic processes, including back-room bargaining between embassies, information regarding terrorist and nuclear threats, and much more.

The Obama administration has already released several statements explaining the dangers and risks of putting such information out in the open– and yet the documents keep coming. Bravo.

“It’s time the American people know what everyone in the geo-political community knew for a while.” - Serj Tankian

For more information about the leak visit The New York Times.

6 Responses to “Freedom of Information FOR ALL”

  1. bulletinman says:

    You folks do a wonderful job with your work. More and more American people are waking up to the great injustices that are carried out in our name. Thanks for your efforts they are appreciated.

  2. Jonas says:

    The NYT have been publishing highly distorted nonsense about the leaks; better visit the Guardian:

  3. josh says:

    thank you for being a political voice when our great president seems to think that keeping secrets and passing laws/bills without our even understanding what they mean is the way this country is run. keep up the good work boys

  4. H says:

    Hi good that you have left at least one comment concerning the situation of Wikileaks. But I would like to ask you if you can do more to support them? Im just wondering that a lot of bands that are always against the political decisions of the USA and have very political lyrics, dont even try to help wikileaks and the founder in the public. I wish that those bands would just do what they are always promoting through their music. Hope you guys will make the first step!


  5. Ilaria says:

    hi everybody! I’d like to suggest to all italians and all italo-american people this website (in italian) to understand the REAL political situation in our country. Italian media are all in silvio berlusconi’s hands! let’s stop him! Italy for freedom information!


  6. Ilaria says:

    P.S. sorry for all the mistakes in my previous reply…my english is not as good as I wish!


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